Current Challenges in
Cardiac Mapping and Ablation

31% market growth for IP & OP ablations
17% growth in institutions offering catheter ablation for AF
Reimbursement will not be able to match the cost of technologies used for these procedures
Despite Positive Trends,
Challenges To Catheter Ablation Remain
$250K to $800K initial cost of current cardiac 3D mapping systems
$4,000 to $6,500 cost per procedure
Making Catheter Ablation More Cost Effective and Efficient Can Allow this Treatment to Expand Beyond 5% of the Population
EP: Electrophysiology - AF: Atrial Fibrillation - IP: In Patient - OP: Out Patient

Navik 3D: Clinically Validated

How Navik 3D is Going to Revolutionize Cardiac Mapping
Successful Cryoablation
Based on 3D localization:
  • Over 150 procedures performed to date
  • First case with commercial system performed on March 26, 2018

Highly effective and simple 3D cardiac mapping system that allows physicians to confidently perform interventional procedures that are critical for the treatment of AF and other heart rhythm disorders.

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Navik 3D Intellectual Property

APN Health has pursued an aggressive IP protection policy, with 13 patents relating to the Navik 3D technology already allowed. Four more have been filed and ten additional patents have been identified and are being processed.

APN Health’s IP has never been challenged, as its unique and sophisticated approach not been pursued by other providers.

Patent applications are being drafted and submitted throughout the development cycle to provide maximum protection against duplication by competitors.

About APN Health

APN Health, LLC is a next generation medical device company that has developed highly effective, easy to use and hardware agnostic proprietary and patented software algorithms to create an innovative and cost-effective 3D cardiac imaging system called Navik 3D.

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Boston 2019

**Disclaimer: the video below includes information about a new device that is under development and evaluation and does not have regulatory clearance.
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